Posted by: marnixgabriel | April 20, 2010


Hello world!

Blog Update 2010
I thougt i’d let you know about my progress as to updating my blog here in the next few…days, months, years, err and then some.
So i will be posting stuff about my latest adventures here, i promise.

What’s Up?!
Currently busy doing some background research on the subject matter ‘Game Art’, as i’m currently enrolling myself into a course @ the HKU with that very same name 🙂
So, it figures i do need to get a lot of work done there… updating my portfolio…

Brand new website
I’ll be putting up a new website featuring some of my work.
Maybe show you the developing progress over time.
The site put up to get myself a decent job will showcasing my latest work as i’m finally moving my Graphic Design, Illustration and Audio Production into the Game Design erea! Think: concept art, character design, etcetera…